Our Team now calls Nashville our home and we are loving it!

I am a California native and Lisa has called California home for over 36 years, so it was not an easy decision to make this move. It wasn’t just us, Schoenhouse & Manter, but our significant others, children, and extended family too! We’re here, we’re loving it, and so glad we chose Nashville.

Why Nashville?

It isn’t just the friendly people, music, arts, and great food…it’s a lower cost of living, higher quality of life, and the charm of a small town combined with big-city offerings…and there is so much more!

  • Nashville ranks #3 in the growth of young professionals and #4 in the state for a strong local economy.
  • It’s over 60% less expensive to live in than the San Francisco Bay Area. The median home price is roughly $315,000, far less than the median home price in San Francisco of around $1,650,000!
  • On top of all that, Tennessee is listed as one of the Most Tax-friendly States (which makes it a great place for retirees too).
  • CNN reported last year that 82 people move to Nashville a day in search of a higher quality of life and they are finding it!

We’d love to share our experience and help you find a new home too!

As converted Tennesseans, we are now focusing our efforts on helping fellow Californians discover the welcoming community and easy living of Nashville. We recognize the life you are leaving, the neighborhood you live in, and when you explain your wants in a home to us—based on your California experience—we know exactly what you are talking about. We understand that it’s not just a house. It’s your home. It’s where your heart is.

You can count on us to help you and your loved ones relocate to Nashville. With nearly 30 years of experience in real estate, we pride ourselves on being experts in communication and negotiations. Schoenhouse & Manter was founded to provide our clients with the highest level of personalized service. Our team is known for its forward-thinking approach, deep understanding of market dynamics, and dedication to integrity and professionalism. We align our resources to work together towards achieving your goals and YES, because there are two of us, we can be in two places at once!

We are ready to help you find the perfect home in Nashville. Want to know more? Let’s talk. We’d be happy discuss our experience and our new-found hometown.

A Team to Trust,

Miles Manter & Lisa Schoenhouse


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